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Bike Fitting with Mobility Analysis


Every athlete is anatomically, physiologically, and functionally unique. Peak State Fit’s Bike Fitting services in Salt Lake City provide an encompassing, comprehensive, and pragmatic approach to addressing a rider’s unique anatomy, functional imbalances, strengths and weaknesses by looking first and foremost at how an athlete moves in space.

Pat and Heather begin by interviewing the athlete, discussing their goals, previous injuries, and known imbalances/weaknesses. They perform a functional movement screening to magnify areas of tension, impingement, and compensation. Their backgrounds in strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, and mobility allows them to readily apply this information to culminate with the rider’s optimal position on the bike, all while providing an experience that's interactive and educational for the client.

While other bike fitting services send you away with your fit alone, Peak State Fit goes one step further by providing a thorough follow-up e-mail, describing the fit from start to finish. They provide final bike measurements, a series of detailed exercises to help the rider strengthen their imbalances, and improve on the basic foundational movements to optimize their body’s potential on the bike. You will leave with an improved knowledge of why your body moves the way it does, and a roadmap to help you to moving better both on and off the bike!

Coaches Pat and Heather Casey are professionally trained and certified by IOG, Ivan O’Gorman and Precision Fit education by Trek Bikes in Madison Wisconsin.


Bike Fit & Services

Professional Bike Fit with Mobility Analysis


$300 One bike (Triathlon, TT or Road Bike)

$250 One Bike (MTB Bike) $200 NICA High school rider)

$350 Two Bikes - Same day appointment, Triathlon, TT, Road or MTB (any combination)

$200 Returning Clients - Triathlon, TT, Road or MTB bike

We back all bike fit appointments with a 6 month period of time to return for follow up on the same equipment without additional fees. Follow ups after 6 months are $75 to 100 depending on services required.

$150 Pre-purchase bike fit using fit bike to determine ideal size and geometry prior to purchase of new bike. $150 applied towards $300 bike fit of new bike.

$60 Cleat placement with lower leg stability assessment

Full Service Clean and Tune - $60

Flat Fix - $15

Tubular - $50

Wheel True - $20

Labor for misc. installation or repairs - $50 an hour


What Our Clients Are Saying

"The Heather - Pat duo is the way to go for an optimal bike fit experience. 4 eyes instead of 2 really does make a big difference in dialing it all in. Thanks guys!” 

“I can’t say enough about how great the bike fit experience has been for both my road bike and my brand new TT bike. The pricing is reasonable, and they really go above and beyond in more ways than I could have expected.” 

“I would have never thought that a bike fit could make such a difference in my ability to hold power on the bike for an extended period of time. But after one fitting with Pat and Heather my mechanics on the bike improved so much that I was more comfortable on the bike allowing me to maintain aero position and power.  Their attention to detail and each person's different body mechanics is what makes them stand out and makes each bike fit very personal.  Would recommend them to anyone!” - Kayla Bowker 2 Time Ironman World Championship Qualifier & Peak State Fit Coached athlete and bike fitting client

We are looking to enhance your experience on the bike by using your current safe range of motion off the bike. Your story, your body, your goals ALL go in to the recipe for a successful bike fit!


Aline Insole Assessment & Fitting


Peak State Fit is stoked to be an official Aline provider to revolutionize how you move! We start with a lower body alignment analysis using the Aline fitting system to address your individual movement pattern. Using your assessment and arch length we will determine which Aline insole and heel wedge combination is optimal for you. 

Aline suspension technology helps you move better by suspending and supporting your feet. Aline insoles are perfect for everyone, every day! What is described as lower back pain, sore feet, and aching knees can often be caused by improper motion of the foot. Aline will help correct the alignment of your entire body and improve posture.

Pricing for Aline Fitting & Insole: $90 (discounted for Team & Coached athletes)