Professional Bike Fitting With Mobility Assesment 

Tools of the trade for doing a bike fit by hand, backed by science. A good bike fit begins with anatomy and mobility. 

Coaches Heather and Pat Casey are both Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Triathlon coaches and USA Cycling coaches. They perform all bike fits as a team, two sets of eyes and two sets of hands for precise measurements and discussion finding the best solution for the athlete. Heather was trained as a professional bike fitter in 2012 by Paraic McGlynn of world famous, Cyclologic at Trek’s headquarters in Madison Wisconsin. Doctor Mark Timmerman is the sports medicine advisor and mentor for Heather’s bike fit training. Dr. Timmerman has been part of the team of doctors and professionals overseeing the Trek Factory team and Trek sponsored athletes. One of the simplest revelations someone can have was stated clearly by Dr. Timmerman, "You never really understand what a great fit feels like until you’ve had a bad one.” 

 Dr Mark Timmerman, Paraic McGlynn, Heather Casey and Matt Gehling at Trek’s headquarters in Madison Wisconsin

Dr Mark Timmerman, Paraic McGlynn, Heather Casey and Matt Gehling at Trek’s headquarters in Madison Wisconsin


Every athlete is anatomically, physiologically, and functionally unique. Because of this, our fit services offer a comprehensive approach to addressing a riders unique attributes, imbalances, strengths and weaknesses by looking first and foremost at how an athlete moves in space. We begin by performing a functional mobility screening, which sets the stage for achieving the optimal position based around the rider's event distance, pre-existing conditions, and sport specific needs (Multisport or cycling exclusive). While other fits send you away with your fit alone, we provide a thorough follow-up email describing the fit from start to finish, and detailed guidelines to strengthen imbalances, improve functional mobility, and enhance your experience and performance on and off the bike!

Bike fit pricing:

$200 First time bike fit, 1 bike (includes full mobility assessment, fit and detailed email with review, free follow ups on same equipment)

$250 First time bike fit, 2 bikes - this is for athletes wanting a tri bike and road bike or mountain bike

$150 Returning client with additional bike for fitting