Bike Services



Coach Pat wears many hats at Peak State Fit; one of which is his role as our in-house bike mechanic. Athletes who come in for bike fit will receive an honest assessment of their bike, a surface cleaning, and any services that should be performed. All adjustments made during a fit are handled by Pat, and are included in the cost of your fit. We won’t charge additional labor unless the bike is in desperate need of maintenance. Pat’s shop rates are competitive with other local shops, and you will ALWAYS know what you will pay up front. The role of mechanic is often associated with the role of a teacher. With 14 years experience working on bikes and in the past 6 years, teaching young aspiring mechanics, Pat can definitely teach you something as well.

Pat’s experience in bike shops began at age 15 at Mesa Cycles in St. Louis, MO. Through high school and college, Pat has worked in bike shops in Missouri, Alabama, Wisconsin, Kansas City, and Utah. Incidentally, it was a small triathlon store in Montgomery, Alabama where Heather and Pat first met and found their shared love of cycling and triathlon. Pat’s services are pragmatic, solutions-driven, detail-oriented, and come from years of experience working on every type of bike. Combined with his friendly demeanor and competitive pricing, Pat also offers a fast turnaround for tune ups and other services - he strives to get bikes back to athletes within 24 hours, and at most, 48 hours depending on the workload or need for parts. Let us get your bike working like new - call or e-mail to set up an appointment!


Bike Services

Professional Bike Fit with Mobility Assessment (Tri, Road or MTB)
$200 One Bike | $300 Two Bikes

Professional Bike Fit with Mobility Assessment *returning client
$150 one bike

Full Service Clean and Tune
Any Bike $50

Flat Fix
Any Bike $10

Wheel True
Any Bike $20

Labor for misc. installation or repairs


Philosophy of Peak State Fit Process


Every athlete is anatomically, physiologically, and functionally unique. Because of this, our fit services offer a comprehensive approach to addressing a riders unique attributes, imbalances, strengths and weaknesses by looking first and foremost at how an athlete moves in space. We begin by performing a functional mobility screening, which sets the stage for achieving the optimal position based around the rider's event distance, pre-existing conditions, and sport specific needs (Multisport or cycling exclusive). While other fits send you away with your fit alone, we provide a thorough follow-up email describing the fit from start to finish, and detailed guidelines to strengthen imbalances, improve functional mobility, and enhance your experience and performance on and off the bike!


What Our Clients Are Saying


"The Heather - Pat duo is the way to go for an optimal bike fit experience. 4 eyes instead of 2 really does make a big difference in dialing it all in. Thanks guys!” 

“I can’t say enough about how great the bike fit experience has been for both my road bike and my brand new TT bike. The pricing is reasonable, and they really go above and beyond in more ways than I could have expected.” 


“I’d definitely recommend. Personable,
knowledgeable, and a great fit!”

“Pat and Heather are a great team! They have a passion for getting each athlete ready for race day. I’ve been having real trouble getting comfy on my road bike; and I’ll be riding it a lot! They took the time to carefully consider what my needs are, the races I’m doing and my physical condition to custom my fit and activation exercises for optimal comfort and power! (Plus their dogs are super cute!) Highly recommend this duo!” 


Pat and Heather Casey are amazing individuals who know their stuff! I ultimately decided to have them fit me on my tri bike because I had heard from friends in the Utah tri community that the Casey’s are very thorough with their bike fits and will spend as long as it takes to get you in a great position on the bike that is comfortable and efficient. You can now add me to the list of happy customers! My position on the bike feels so much better now. I feel more comfortable on the saddle, my neck doesn’t feel strained like before, and I feel my glutes activating more on my rides rather than quad dominant allowing me to generate power much easier while saving my legs for the run. I highly recommend Pat and Heather. They are terrific!”