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Off-Season Training

We often hear athletes express being ready for their “off season”, or being “burned out” on racing and training. This is a natural progression, but changing the rhetoric of “off season” to something more pragmatic and purposeful is also something I would like to discuss in this article. A “transition season” or “post-season” is meant to provide time for the body and mind to recover, refresh, refocus, and refine skills in other areas of fitness and overall health. This will help you come back to the specific training with a better foundation, improved durability, and a healthier mind. 

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Identifying Movement Imbalances At Home

A movement assessment allows health and fitness professionals to observe imbalances of muscle strength, muscle recruitment, and joint range of motion. The results from a movement screen are used to determine corrective strength and flexibility exercises individual to your needs. It is possible to conduct your own movement screen with a keen eye, mirror, and possibly a second set of eyes from a friend or coach. Use the exercises and steps below to determine your limitations.

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Lactate: The Misunderstood Performance Superhero

Outdated schools of thought would suggest that lactate is the culprit for fatigue and eventual muscle failure. However, lactate has an under-appreciated role in athletic performance. Many think of “lactate threshold” as the ability to tolerate lactate in the muscle. From a general chemistry perspective, the difference in “lactate” versus “lactic acid” requires a basic knowledge of acids and bases. 

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