Heather is a domestic violence advocate and athlete ambassador for Coeur Sports. 


advocacy for domestic violence education

No one should suffer at the hands of another person, but Heather understands the reality of domestic violence and the traumatic affects. Heather is available for speaking engagements to help empower women through her story of perseverance. Contact her for your next engagement 

“It’s just been an incredible journey so far,” Heather says. “Every time I train or finish a race, I learn to love myself even more. It’s after completing those milestones that I realize that there’s no pain that I’m going to face that’s going to be greater than the pain I’ve already suffered at the hands of somebody else. What I’m choosing to put myself through while doing an Ironman is exactly that, it’s a choice.”
— Heather Casey

team coeur ambassador

There’s no doubt that life can be brutally tough and the issues in the world are mind-blowingly complex.  However, we are determined to make our positive mark on the world. We know we can’t do it alone, but we also know that day in and day out we’re touching hundreds of people like you and together, we can stand for something. So let’s start small and see if we can create a community of like-minded and encouraging women.