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Team USA In Denmark

Not only does this direct the focus for an athlete to yield positive results, but has an incredible effect when leaders can perpetuate positive thought with their peers and athletes. My experience working with Tim, Lauren, Meg, and the entire Team USA Staff was nothing but positive, and the athletes felt that too. Anyone who has traveled for racing knows that along with the obvious stress of racing, being in a new country comes with its own set of challenges: cultural differences, logistical and planning variables, and other perceived differences in a new place (even as silly as not knowing what certain road signs mean) might throw a wrench in athletes’ mental preparation.

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Coaching on Cobblestones

My biggest takeaway from this week has been my realization of the power of positivity. Athletes are incredibly invested in themselves, yet this can come as a detriment too as we are also our own worst critics. Each athlete racing here in Denmark has taken time out of their lives and schedules to embark on a journey around the globe to race. This presents a sense of purpose and importance that is exciting, but can be also be overwhelming. Everyone here is also racing on the world stage, which can ignite nerves, fear, self doubt, and anxiety. In order to reach your potential, having a level head and a good attitude is a must.

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