Training plans


Frequency and consistency is key in training for any endurance event. All plans includes strength and core work to help you with injury prevention and performance gains. Every workout is written as a custom structured plan using Training Peaks Builder. This means you have the ability to export each workout to your Garmin or third party app such as Zwift, Trainer Road or Rouvy. This technology is a great benefit for training with greater accuracy and technology. 

- Export Friendly
- Email support
- Convert to 1:1 coaching at any time! 

New for this year, you can become a member of our team of athletes and gain support and camaraderie from others on our private Facebook page. We have an open forum for athletes to ask questions of our coaches plus training tips and videos. The membership is $25 a month for a basic membership or $75 a month to have a 30 min phone consultation in addition to your membership. Of course. the membership options are totally up to you but a really nice way to have extra support for a minimal fee. 


How To Apply Your Plan:

Once in your account, you may see a few screens that help you set up your account.  Please continue through those screens until you arrive at either Home or your Calendar. If you arrive on Home, you'll want to click on Calendar on the top bar navigation menu in order to access your training plan library.

To apply a training plan (Please navigate to Calendar first):

  1. Click the Plan icon at the left of your screen- it is the lower of the two icons and looks like a binder

  2. Select the plan you would like to apply

  3. Choose your start/end dates

  4. Click Apply

  5. To apply this plan to a new date, you must remove it and then reapply