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Phytonutrients That May Fight Anxiety And Depression

Today, I want to talk about 8 plants you can eat that will help you ward off the effects of anxiety and depression.

First, let’s understand that scientists have discovered multiple nutrients that they believe help fight mental disorders including antioxidants, omega fatty acids, zinc, B vitamins, magnesium, and selenium.

We’re going to talk about these but in general, I could write you a prescription that said “eat more plants” and you would be set…if you followed my advice.

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Concerns about body composition being a topic of shame versus health!

Our bodies are our responsibility to nurture and protect. They are ours and ours alone! Is there any greater responsibility than the one we have to honor the vessel we have been given to move through this journey on earth? NO! So, let’s move beyond the misconception that size doesn’t matter. Yes, we should embrace the body we have and live in a state of gratitude not shame, but our responsibility to take care of our vessel lies solely upon each one of us.

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