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Jill Cook Tendon Pain Podcast Review With Professional Recommendations For Athletes

We are trying something a little different here at Peak State Fit by offering a review of the Squat University podcast featuring Jill Cook on the subject of tendon pain. We enlisted licensed physical therapist Raechel Bugner to listen to the above mentioned podcast and offer her professional recommendations based off her experiences treating endurance athletes. I suggest you listen to the podcast first and use Raechel’s tips to apply to your triathlon, cycling or running training program. Of course, consult with your coach and or physician first! Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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Lactate: The Misunderstood Performance Superhero

Outdated schools of thought would suggest that lactate is the culprit for fatigue and eventual muscle failure. However, lactate has an under-appreciated role in athletic performance. Many think of “lactate threshold” as the ability to tolerate lactate in the muscle. From a general chemistry perspective, the difference in “lactate” versus “lactic acid” requires a basic knowledge of acids and bases. 

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